Excellent Reception | Episode 11 : Jazz Thang

On this episode of Excellent Reception, we are going to explore the new wave of jazz musicians that have helped to reinvigorate the art form and drawn in a new breed young jazz enthusiasts. Listen: DOWNLOAD (right click and save as) | Subscribe On this episode we feature these songs: Kamasi Washington – The Rhythm…

Excellent Reception | Episode 10 : Radioversary

On this very special episode of Excellent Reception, we are going to celebrate our host lil’dave’s 20th year of doing radio.  From the Down Lo Mix Show to Eavesdrop Radio, he has built a legacy exposing people to great music.  We are going to take some time to dig through his cassette tape archives and see…

How the TR-808 drum machine added the low end to modern music.

[From Excellent Reception : Episode 9] By lil’dave The classic drum machine known as the “808”, has maintained a place in the backbeat of popular music since it’s creation in the early 1980’s all the way up to today. It’s unique sound has helped to define numerous genres, such as Techno, Miami Bass, Electro and…

Excellent Reception Episode 6 | The Ladies

On this episode of Excellent Reception, we talk about the women who are producing and arranging the hiphop, electronic, and soul music you love. Some are just starting to make a name for themselves, while others have achieved legendary status.

Excellent Reception Episode 5 | Beats For Dilla

On this edition of Excellent Reception, we will celebrate the life of J Dilla as we focus on the genius that can be heard in instrumental hiphop and explore the evolution of beat centric music. Some tracks we’ll talk about are products of the post-Dilla era. Others are from producers, who just like J Dilla, have established there own signature style when it comes to using samples and drum machines to make music.

Adrian Younge – “Gloria (Zodiac Lovers)”

Some artists set rules and limitations for their music making process. This type of manifesto quickly narrows down the seemingly infinite possibilities they have to approach creating. At the same time, it gives them the opportunity to find all of the treasures that are hidden within those limitations.

Computer Jay feat. Orfeo – “Hardship”

If you are looking for music that takes you away from the mundane routine of modern day life and places you decades into the future, then you need to open your ears and your third eye to the music of Computer Jay.