Excellent Reception | Episode 9 : The 808

On this episode of Excellent Reception, we are going to explore the syncopated world of the TR-808 Drum Machine.


Excellent Reception | Episode 8 : Prince Demos

As you know, the world lost one of it’s greatest music icons. Prince Rogers Nelson, known simply as Prince, departed from the earth on Thursday April 21st, 2016

Excellent Reception Episode 6 | The Ladies

On this episode of Excellent Reception, we talk about the women who are producing and arranging the hiphop, electronic, and soul music you love. Some are just starting to make a name for themselves, while others have achieved legendary status.

Excellent Reception Episode 5 | Beats For Dilla

On this edition of Excellent Reception, we will celebrate the life of J Dilla as we focus on the genius that can be heard in instrumental hiphop and explore the evolution of beat centric music. Some tracks we’ll talk about are products of the post-Dilla era. Others are from producers, who just like J Dilla, have established there own signature style when it comes to using samples and drum machines to make music.

Excellent Reception Podcast | Episode 4 : Analog Grit

Listen: DOWNLOAD | (right click and save as) There are plenty of artists who look for a more organic sound and experiment with analog recording techniques. They appreciate how fuzz and distortion can add character to their instrumentation. On this episode, we will talk about a few artist who search to find the perfections in the…

Excellent Reception Podcast | Episode 3 : Best Albums of 2015

Listen:  DOWNLOAD | (right click and save as) On this episode of Excellent Reception, were talking about the some of the best albums of 2015.  There are really way too many great albums to mention, but these are a few that we felt needed to be highlighted. Here are some of our favorite albums of 2015 :…

Excellent Reception Podcast | Episode 2

On this episode of Excellent Reception, we’ll talk about a few artists who bring the recording studio to the stage and take the spirit of the one-man band to new realms.   These amazing songs are featured on this episode: Jamie Lidell – Completely Exposed Jeremy Ellis – Take Your time Low Leaf – As…

Excellent Reception Podcast | Episode 1

On this episode we talk about these amazing songs: Bilal – Holding It Back feat. Kimbra Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators – Hot Sauce Mura Masa – Lovesick Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment – Slip Slide Phony PPL – Why iii Love The Moon Background beats by: Blu & Exile, Aeon, Adrian Younge,…